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Trinidad Christian Center was founded in May of 1980, so that all might know the mystery of God’s will; the demonstration of His power and wisdom that goes beyond knowledge; for the proclamation of the Truth that sets men free; the sanctification of the family; guidance of children; salvation of the lost and for aggression against evil.
Trinidad Christian Center is the fulfilment of a vision given to founder Apostle Dr Austin J de Bourg who saw in the spirit people of all creed, race and nationality coming excitedly to a Christian Center to be ministered to and taught the word of God.  Trinidad Christian Center or TCC as we are fondly called has been raised up by God as a demonstration to the world that Jesus Christ is the only true builder of the Church and that it is not the work of a man but the work of the Holy Spirit.


With just five members, the ministry started with a revival which lasted for five years and people from all over the twin-island Republic came and experienced God.  Learn More


To restore the truths which satan has stolen from the Church of Jesus Christ; To reinstitute the Apostolic Ministry characteristic of the Early Church...  Learn More


Trinidad Christian was founded and is lead by Apostle Dr. Austin J. de Bourg.  He has a team of Ministers who support his vision and mission for advancing the Kingdom of God.  Learn More.


Our Sunday Morning Services are at 8:00 am in our Petit Valley and Sangre Grande branches.  We also have a Friday Night Service at our Petit Valley branch which begins at 7:00 pm.  Learn More

The Torch of His Testimony

God never intended that the ‘Fires of Pentecost’ would ever be extinguished but that they remain aflame and passed on from generation to generation.  We are a people driven by the passion to see the fires of Pentecost rekindled and burning with such intensity that everyone would be impacted, transformed and compelled to join us in our mission to carry the Torch of God’s Testimony.

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Address: Corner Simeon & Morne Coco Roads, Petit valley, Trinidad and Tobago
Address: L.P. #979, Eastern Main Road, Sangre Chiquito, Trinidad and Tobago