Growth In Breast Disappears

Some years ago, I discovered a growth in my left breast. It was very painful - to the extent that when I breathed I felt as though something was tearing on the inside. Thoughts started to flood my mind. Is this growth malignant? Will I become a cancer statistic? Fear gripped my heart every time these thoughts would bombard my mind.

I heard testimonies of people in the assembly who were healed from growths in various parts of their bodies and I believed. I found that it was easy for me to believe for their miracle, but I had difficulty believing for mine. After some time, I grew accustomed to living with this condition. I just accepted it and learned how to live with it. I continued like this until October 14th, 2005 . Apostle de Bourg preached a message about the limitlessness of God. He explained that we limit God when we don’t believe Him. That message went straight into my heart. Apostle invited everyone with growths to come to the front for prayer. As we approached, he said he wanted us to disown the growth. It did not belong to us. At that point I literally disowned it. I started to see the growth as the devil’s possession and I refused to allow it to have any place in me. Immediately as I did this, my entire body started to feel hot as though on fire. At that very moment I knew I was healed. I was anxious to confirm my healing so as soon as I left the service, I felt the area on my beast for the growth and it was gone.

I thank God for his love, grace, and mercy. He is truly the Unlimited God and I love Him dearly.