TCC Kids. Where Foundations Are Built.

Designed for ages from Newborn-12, we seek to prepare and encourage our children to have a relationship with the Lord, grow in their walk with Him and be active in the Kingdom of God.  We believe that children possess valuable gifts which they can activate if given the right environment, support & teaching.


We understand that children are a heritage from the Lord, and navigating through these years is foundational as they learn about the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit) and their part in the Kingdom of God. TCC Kids help prepare our children to transition from Sunday School into TCC Youth. Here, they participate in Play Time, Prayer Time, and Bible Learning, which are relevant to their age group.


We know that children learn best when having fun. We encourage them to explore their creative side through arts, crafts, and interactive projects that integrate faith into their activities and help bring the Bible to life.


We teach children to connect with their Heavenly Father and learn to draw near to Him through prayer. We encourage them to speak from their hearts and share their thoughts, dreams, and concerns in a meaningful way.


In a supportive environment, we dive into the Scriptures to discover timeless truths, parables, and lessons that shape our faith. TCC Kids is a place where young minds can embark on an exciting journey through the Bible.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when (s)he is old (s)he will not depart from it."

Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV)


TCC Kids is where children come to be built up in the ways of God. Guided by passionate leaders committed to nurturing the next generation, they lead by example, demonstrating Biblical values and principles. Their lives reflect the love of Christ and inspire our kids to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Wynthia Franco

Sunday School Superintendent
Wynthia was appointed Superintendent of the Sunday School in April 2021. She had to fill the huge shoes of her predecessor, Ailsa Simpson, who held that post for over 35 years. Wynthia has filled the post admirably, applying her managerial skills and parental experience to her ministry.

Melissa Williams

Assistant Sunday School Superintendent
Melissa was appointed Assistant Sunday School Superintendent in April 2021. She inherited this post from Laurelie Gray, who held this position for about 30 years. Melissa has been able to draw on her expertise as a teacher to pour into our children's lives.

Nikisha Rodrigues

Head of Nursery
Nikisha, our Nursery Manager since 2019, took over from Colleen Krucia, who led the Nursery for over 20 years. As a mother of eight, Nikisha's love for children and organizational skills make her an excellent fit for this ministry, ensuring your kids are well cared for. as you focus on the message being preached right upstairs.

Petit Valley


Service: Friday Mornings at 7pm and Sunday Mornings at 8:00am


CHURCH BUILDING. Change of location would be announced beforehand.


ANNOUNCEMENTS are published in our WhatsApp group. Sign up below to join our "Communication Only" WhatsApp group.

Sangre Grande


Service: Sunday Mornings at 8:00am


CHURCH BUILDING. Change of location would be announced beforehand.


ANNOUNCEMENTS are shared during Sunday Morning services.


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