Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We seek to prepare and encourage our children to have a relationship with the Lord, grow in their walk with Him and be active in the Kingdom of God.  We believe that children possess valuable gifts which they can activate if given the right environment, support & teaching. 

Sunday School Times

Petit Valley: Sunday Mornings - 8:00 am  |  Friday Evenings - 7:00 pm
Sangre Grande: Sunday Mornings - 8:00 am




Weekly Lessons/Information

Nursery (0-2 Age Group)

2-3 Age Group

4-5 Age Group

6-7 Age Group

8-9 Age Group

10-12 Age Group

Meet the Leadership Team.

Wynthia Franco

Sunday School Superintendent
Wynthia was appointed Superintendent of the Sunday School in April 2021.  She had to fill the huge shoes of her predecessor, Ailsa Simpson, who held that post for over 35 years. Wynthia has proven thus far to fill the post admirably, as she applies her managerial skills and parental experience to her ministry.

Melissa Williams

Asst. Sunday School Superintendent
Melissa was appointed Assistant Sunday School Superintendent in April 2021.  She inherited this post from Laurelie Gray who held this position for about 30 years.  Melissa has been able to draw on her expertise as a teacher to pour into the lives of our children.

Nikisha Rodrigues

Head of Nursery
Nikisha has been managing the Nursery since 2019. The mantle was passed unto her from Colleen Krucia, who was the Head of Nursery for over 20 years.  Nikisha, mother of eight (8) brilliant, well-mannered and biblically astute children, is the perfect fit for this ministry.  Her love for kids and her organizational skills ensures that your kids will always be well cared for as you focus on the message being preached right upstairs. 

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