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Designed for ages 12-24, our vision is to lead young people into a Christ-centered life marked by a desire to please Him in all areas, an understanding of who they are called to become, a distinct identity amidst peers, a deep passion for prayer, worship, and the Word of God, and active involvement in advancing God's Kingdom.

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We understand that playing together and having a sense of community among our youths is essential as they learn about the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit) and their part in the Kingdom of God. TCC Youth provides and essential foundation for our young people as they transition from Sunday School into the wider Church Community. Here, they participate in Worship, Prayer and Bible Studies which are relevant to their age group and life's challenges.


Get ready to unleash your creative and competitive spirit while building lasting friendships. We believe in infusing fun and faith into your journey. Join us as we explore the exciting world of games and immerse ourselves in the captivating realm of theater.

Let's GROW

Let's face it, life has challenges. But, the "Good News" is always on trend and we don't have to walk through the highs or lows alone. When we surrender our lives to Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, we find His peace even amidst life's storms.


How amazing is it to realize that God intentionally crafted you with a unique purpose in mind? We respond with love because He loved us first. At TCC Youth, we come to worship and dive into His Word, which remains alive and relevant in our culture today.

"Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth..."

Ecclesiastes 12:1 (NKJV)


TCC Youth is more than just a gathering. It is a community guided by passionate leaders committed to nurturing the next generation. They lead by example, demonstrating Biblical values and principles. Their lives reflect the love of Christ and inspire our youth to walk out a victorious life.

Rev. Jacqueline Martinez

Youth Pastor
Reverend Martinez has been working with TCC Youth since 2015 and became the Youth Pastor in 2017. She is also a Minister of the Gospel and Bible Study Teacher. She relates well with our youths in all settings; work or play.

Genai Adams

Assistant Youth Ministry Head
Genai joined the TCC Youth Ministry Leadership Team in 2016 and caught the vision of the ministry immediately. The youths love her and her leadership style.


Jeremy Adams

Dr. Casandra Harry

Tamika Peters

Kimberly Farray

Patrice Carrington

Dion La Foucade

Crystal Ramirez

Patrice Duggins

Leroy Charles

Petit Valley


Prayer: Every 1st Saturday @ 9:00am
Service: Every 3rd Saturday @ 3:30pm


BANQUET HALL. Change of location would be announced beforehand.


ANNOUNCEMENTS are published in our WhatsApp group. Sign up below to join our "Communication Only" WhatsApp group.

Sangre Grande


Service: Every 3rd Saturday @ 3:00pm


CHURCH BUILDING. Change of location would be announced beforehand.


ANNOUNCEMENTS are shared during Sunday Morning services.


Teen Time

Visit to Redemption Worship Center 

Youth Banquet


JANUARY 2022 - Importance of Bearing Good Fruit

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