Delivered From Alcoholism/Adultery

As a non-believer, I lived a reckless life of partying, alcoholism, and adultery. I had no time for my family and got into considerable debt to support my lifestyle. I would constantly lie to my wife about my whereabouts and activities. My peers would rate me as the ‘best drinker’ they knew. I had owned three cars and with each I had a near death experience. On each occasion I knew that it was God who had saved me and I would say to myself that I needed to give Him more of my time but that never happened. I just continued drinking all the more each day. I knew that something was wrong but I was incapable of changing on my own.

One day in 2001 my twin brother invited me to a service at Trinidad Christian Center. I refused. Nevertheless, two weeks later I felt in my heart that I had to attend this church. It was as though an audible voice was compelling me to do so. I decided to go that Sunday and my wife was delighted and I too, surprisingly, was excited to attend and I returned even the following week.

During this service something happened inside of me. I no longer had the desire to drink alcohol and I was eager to hear the Word of God preached. The next Sunday as the Pastor of the church was delivering the Word, I felt my stomach become tied up into knots, and before I knew it I was in tears. When the call for salvation was made I somehow was locked into a place alone with Jesus and felt my legs taking me towards the altar. I remember saying the ‘sinner’s prayer’ as I gave my heart to the Lord. I was broken and in tears. It seemed to me that Jesus had reached His hand inside of me and uprooted every dirty and ungodly thing. I knew that He had cleansed and delivered me from my sins and I thank God for my deliverance from alcohol addiction and adultery and from every other sin.

Today, I cannot even bear the smell of alcohol. I feel sick when I do. God has done a complete work – Halleluiah! I used to watch these things on television and always doubted the truth of it but the Lord has allowed it to happen to me. Now I know that Jesus is real and there is no one else like Him!

Since then my entire life has been restored and God has since blessed me with a much better relationship with my wife and child, a new home, a new car and so much more. I thank God for my dear Pastor and Apostle who led me into these blessings. Praise the Lord!