Healed From Endometriosis

For several years I suffered from endometriosis. I would have excruciatingly painful first days of my monthly cycle both in my back and lower abdomen and no amount of even the strongest painkillers would alleviate the pain. There really was no comfortable position for me to be in at that time except maybe the fetal position and since my job at the bank required me to be on my feet for the entire day, I was guaranteed to be absent from work at least once or twice a month, something which the bank frowned upon. After many absences from the job and after much procrastination and thought, I decided to see one of the nation’s top ob-gyn about the problem. Many tests diagnosed that I had to have laparoscopic surgery to correct the problem. If it was not corrected it would be very difficult to conceive.

I was only recently saved and my childlike faith was at a peak. I cannot say that I was not a little doubtful about God’s healing power but He kept me. On my next cycle I came to church in spite of the excruciation pain. I was unable to stand during the worship service. My Pastor pointed me out and called me up for prayer. I am happy to report that from that day onwards the intensity of the pain gradually reduced and today I experience just the cramps that are normal at this time of the month for every woman. I am pleased to share that I never had laparoscopic surgery to correct the problem, but I am now the mother of 8 beautiful children!
I give the Lord all the praise for His miraculous work!